i think almost daily I find myself daydreaming of the next place i’d like to travel to. just like concerts, traveling to new cities is exciting, full of adventures, and one of my favorites things to do. let’s not forget to mention all the food I look forward to trying in a new city as well.  below are most of the places i’ve traveled to since starting my blog. i hope to keep adding to the list as the years go on 🙂travel

New York, NY – July 2015

Los Angeles, CA – March 2015

Chicago, IL – November 2014

Mackinac Island, MI – October 2014

Nashville, TN – September 2014

Chicago, IL – June 2014

Park City, UT – June 2014

Nashville, TN – May 2014

Arizona (Phoenix, Sedona, and the Grand Canyon) – March 2014

London, England – February 2014

Detroit, MI – November 2013

Nashville, TN – September 2013

Chicago, IL – August 2013

Mackinaw, MI – August 2013

Nashville, TN – March 2013

Mackinaw, MI – October 2012

Chicago, IL – May 2012

San Francisco, CA – August 2011


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