PlantFusion {Review}

a few weeks ago the lovely people at PlantFusion offered to send me some samples of their various protein powders. after looking at their website and different products, i told them i’d be more than happy to try them out!Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 4.40.34 PM

they send me a tub of the regular chocolate protein, vanilla bean protein, as well as some packets of said flavors + some packets of “Phood” which is essentially more than eight different supplements in one! my favorite would have to be the chocolate caramel. it is SO good blended up with some almond milk and ice. it reminds me of a healthy Frosty from Wendy’s!

i’ve also added the plain vanilla powder to my breakfast cookie dough cereal and it makes for a delicious wonderful treat.

i would greatly recommend PlantFusion as a protein powder! thanks again for the samples<3


disclaimer: i was sent products for free to review, but as always all opinions are my own<3 


imagine dragons + eddie sheeran

pretty sure my blogging days are coming to an end. it’s not you, it’s me. promise. HOWEVER, for now i still want to write about the concerts and trips i’ve taken so far this summer. because music is life and so is traveling and yeah.

in mid-june (seriously, how haven’t i blogged since then??) my friends and i took a 2-hour road trip to Louisville, KY to see Imagine Dragons! it was my second time seeing them (first time was here) and they were SO GOOD. i love Dan Reynolds so much he’s adorable.Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 2.34.07 PM they sang every song off of their new album “Smoke + Mirrors”, as well as a handful off of “Night Visions”. they even sang “Amsterdam” which is one of my FAVES. my heart was happy. it made for a long night with having to drive back after the show and getting up for work in the morning, BUT, it was totally worth it 🙂

then, a few weeks ago i saw the one, the only, ED SHEERAN. and he was perfection as usually. except when we found out our tickets were fake. yeah that put a damper on things. let’s back track a bit.

i actually won tickets on the radio for this concert, but they ended up being lawn seats (so really far away from the stage/basically have to just watch the whole concert on the big screen). which is totally fine for some concerts, but for Ed, i just couldn’t stand being so far away (call me a diva whatever. i’m picky with my concerts okay). so Layna and i decided to buy pavilion seats.

we actually found some really decent ones off of Vivid Seats, bought them, and didn’t really think twice. we’ve used Vivid Seats and StubHub multiple times before and never have had a problem.

so when we get to the gate at the concert (the concert was “paperless” so you scanned the credit card you bought them with) we had them scan the prepaid Visa we’d received from Vivid Seats with our tickets on them. except nothing showed up when the lady scanned it. the same thing happened to the people in front of us so they thought it was just the machine. the kind lady let us in and told us to find Jamie and show her proof of where our seats were, and then she’d handle it from there.

so, we found Jamie, showed her the where our seats were, and then realized there were no seat numbers, just a section and row number. Layna swore there were seat numbers when she ordered them, but who knows. we were slightly freaking out and honestly just really upset. Jamie was SO SO kind and gave us extra tickets she had which only happened to be a few rows behind where out seats were supposed to be. she basically saved the night.

after talking to Vivid Seats they are refunding us for our tickets which is great of them. i’m honestly not sure if i would use Vivid Seats again after that. but it is nice of them for refunding our money and hopefully they do not ever let that seller post their tickets anymore!photo

as far as the concert went, it was amazing as expected. he even sang “Kiss Me” which is one of my favorites and it was the first time i ever got to hear it live. the only bummer was that he didn’t sing “Give Me Love” but hey, there’s always next time right? 😉

next up, my recap of NEW YORK (plus the two concerts i went to while i was there 🙂 ).


life as of late.

long time no blog, eh? instead of some long excuse as to where i was, i’ll just say that life happened. to be honest, i haven’t even been reading blogs close to near as much as i used to. and i think that it’s been good for me. sure i still check in on my favorites every now and then, but i realized i’d rather be out there living my life instead of sitting behind a computer reading about other people’s.

so here’s what’s been going on since the last time i blogged (over a month ago!).

-celebrated Mother’s Day and spent the day painting pottery with my sisters and mom.

-meet Hunter Hayes (again) at the Lady Antebellum concert. it was a great one. Sam Hunt opened, and Lady A covered “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran. my heart was happy

photo 3

they had a photo booth and we had a little too much fun taking advantage of it

.Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 7.44.46 PM

-celebrated my best friend’s birthday. she turned 22 so naturally we dressed up like hipsters. #TaylorSwiftmadeusdoitScreen Shot 2015-06-07 at 7.43.53 PM

-speaking of Taylor Swift…saw her in concert in Detroit on the 1989 World Tour. it was amazing and she even had Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons as a surprise guest and together they sang “Radioactive”. i fangirled a little too hard. #noshame. and i’m counting down the days until the next show (33…)Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 7.48.22 PM

she has a song called “Wonderland”, hence our Alice in Wonderland attire 😉

-got to visit and spend time with both grandmas + my mom and sister (and Layna) on said visit to Michigan.

-started my first week of summer camp! i’m working in a different camp group this year so it’s going to be interesting for sure, but overall i’m excited.

aaaaand i think were all caught up!

have a great week 🙂