an end of an era.

i started this blog when i was 18. a college freshman. a vegetarian. still recovering from an eating disorder. lost. naive. scared. unsure. hopeful. Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 4.58.35 PM

i’m now almost 22. in my last semester of college. i eat meat now. i’m still somewhat lost. still naive. still scared at times. and still unsure about a lot of things. but still hopeful as always.Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 5.18.56 PM

i think i knew the day was coming that my blog was going to end. my heart just hasn’t been into it for over a year now, if not longer.

while i’ll miss having a space to vent and write my feelings down on, i think it’s for the best.

while health and fitness will always be a love of mine, the truth is it’s just not my life anymore. yes i still workout. yes i still eat healthy (most of the time). but i guess i just don’t feel like i need to validate myself on the internet about it anymore.

as i finish up my college career (omg), i’m starting to really think about my future and what i want it to look like.

i think i’ve finally realized what i want my future to revolve around (music). i think i’ve known that for a long time, i just didn’t think it was possible. now, i’m saying nothing is impossible. it’s time i go after my dreams and goals and aspirations and live the life i’ve imagined. while i know there will be twists and turns and ups and downs and unknowns, i think that i just have to embrace every single second of it.not-all-who-wander-are-lost

maybe one day i’ll start a travel and concert blog, because those are my two passions. for now, you can stay in touch with me on Instagram and Twitter (@molly_dolly11). it’s been real blog world.




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