i got this music in my mind saying it’s gonna be alright.

a month ago i saw my favorite person in concert. twice. when Layna and i booked our trip to NYC, we had only planned on seeing Taylor the second night, but deep down knew we wanted to go to the first night. i mean we were already right there…Layna happened to check Ticketmaster the morning of and saw that they had released a handful of tickets, and she was able to snatch two floor seats for face value. practically unheard of for a Taylor Swift concert. we were beyond thrilled. to get to MetLife Stadium was quite the adventure, but a fun one nonetheless! the first night we walked to Penn Station, which was about ten blocks from our hotel, and from there we boarded a train to Seacaucus. from Seacaucus we boarded a train to Meadowlands (with so many other Swifties – they had a train just for the concert!) which dropped us right off at MetLife! once there we wandered around a little, grabbed some dinner, then found our seats.Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 5.05.20 PM

my shirt probably makes no sense to almost everyone, but it’s kind of an inside joke between Taylor and her Tumblr followers. this might explain it a little 😉

Taylor had three opening acts, Shawn Mendes, Vance Joy, and HAIM. they were all equally amazing, but i think Vance is my fave. i have his album and loooove it. “Stitches” however is a favorite from Shawn and i love “Falling” from HAIM. around 9:30pm, Feel So Close by Calvin Harris started playing, and that’s how we knew Taylor was out next! if we weren’t excited enough, something even more exciting happened, and as “Welcome to New York” was about to start, we saw MAMA SWIFT. of course i started fan-girling and then Layna and i rushed up to her to meet her. she was SO sweet and i couldn’t believe that we were actually giving her hugs and in her presence. we took a quick selfie, tried to calm down (HA!) and then it was time to party like it was 1989!Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 8.56.11 PM Taylor opened with “Welcome to New York”, followed by “New Romantics”. did i mentioned she had wavy hair (usually she straightens it for concerts lately) and i about died it was so perfect. photo 4 Taylor outfit changes are amazing as usual. i think she had a total of about ten throughout the night, and i just love them all. during the middle of the set (i can’t remember the exact song, maybe “All You Had To Do Was Stay”) we saw Mama again! we had to run up and hug her and take another picture because we are crazy. Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 8.56.20 PM during this part of the show (when Taylor goes to the b-stage) she has been bringing out surprise guests at all the stadium shows (she had Dan from Imagine Dragons at the Detroit show!). Layna and i were hoping for maybe Lorde (whom we love but haven’t seen in concert) but it was actually The Weeknd! everyone went crazy and they sang “Can’t Feel My Face”. Taylor had even more surprises up her sleeve, and during “Style” she brought out model Heidi Klum, as well as the whole US Women’s Soccer Team. like what!? the crowd so UNBELIEVABLY loud when they came out. it was crazy! aaaand if that was enough, during “Bad Blood” Taylor had another surprise for us. we were so so hoping for Kendrick Lamar to come out (how cool would that be) but instead she had about five of her friends (Hailee Steinfeld, Lena Dunham, Lily Aldridge, Gigi Hadid, and Martha Hunt (i think? lol) come out and “recreate” the music video (since they are all in it!). i couldn’t believe how many surprise guests she had in one show. i felt so lucky to be there.photo 2 the night ended with the infamous “Shake It Off” and we couldn’t even be sad because we knew we’d be back the next day to do it all again!photo 3 the next day we took the same journey to get to MetLife (except we realized we could take the subway to Penn Station which saved us time and our legs 😉 ), but we made a pitstop in Hoboken to go to Carlos Bakery beforehand! when we eventually got to MetLife we decided we wanted to wait in the Taylor Nation line (which is Taylor’s fan club, where you could take a picture and the two people working it also upgraded some people’s seats or you could drop something off that you wanted to give to Taylor and they’d give it to her for you). the line was ridiculously long, but since we’d rather wait in line for a purpose, rather than just sitting in our seats, we went for it. we ended up missing all of the opening acts (but could still hear them so that’s all that truly matters 🙂 ) and literally made it to the booth right before Taylor came on. we quickly got our photo taken, then sprinted up the stairs to our seats (in the nosebleeds, haha). we made it right when Tay started with WTNY! i’m honestly happy our seats were high up for the second night. it gave the concert a different perspective, and you had a view of 60,000 sparkling lit up fans. it was a beautiful sight. Taylor wasn’t shy with surprises on night two either, and had Nick Jonas as surprise guest number one! they sang “Jealous” and we danced like crazy.IMG_9441 Taylor recently started bringing back the “secret song” which she did on the Red Tour, and she sang “You Belong With Me” acoustically and it was perfect. photo 3then came my favorite song, “Clean”<333 the speech she gives before is LIFE. read it. please.Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 9.22.20 PM later during “Style” more guests walked the runway came out on stage. basically all the Victoria’s Secret models (i honestly don’t even remember which ones, but KARLIE KLOSS was one<33) and Crazy Eyes from Orange is the New Black! haha so random.IMG_9447 i captured a video of the final song, and we said our goodbyes to Tay (from afar of course). my feet were beat, my body was tired from running on no sleep and lots of caffeine, but it was ALL worth it. concerts are my happy place<3 until the next show Tay<3 xo.


2 thoughts on “i got this music in my mind saying it’s gonna be alright.

  1. My level of jealous is through. the. roof. What an amazing time! I can’t believe that you were able to go twice AND meet mama swift! So amazing. ❤


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